ReQUIAM_csv package


commons module


Identify entries without an Org Code. This is based on whether the value is set to NaN


df (DataFrame) – Research Themes dataframe

Return type



Array containing elements

create_csv module

requiam_csv.create_csv.create_csv(url, outfile, log)

Generates a list of organization codes and associated portals for figshare account management.

  • The initial spreadsheet, which is curated by UA Libraries, is provided through the [url] input.

  • The exported CSV file will be placed in this git repo. Current path and file preference:


  • url (str) – Full url to CSV

  • outfile (str) – Exported file in CSV format

  • log (Logger) – Logger object

inspect_csv module

requiam_csv.inspect_csv.inspect_csv(df, log)

Inspects Google Sheet CSV-export table to identify issues. Minor issues are logged. Major issues prevent creating the final CSV file.

Minor issues include:
  • Entries without an ‘Org Code’ (i.e., empty rows). Minor because it is excluded in final export

Major issues include:
  • Duplicate entries based on Org Code

  • Invalid/incorrect entries in ‘Departments/Colleges/Labs/Centers’ This result in not getting a proper Org Code

  • Missing ‘Research Themes’ or Sub-portals if either one is provided

  • df (DataFrame) – Research Themes dataframe

  • log (Logger) – Logger object