By default, the script does a “dry run.” To execute the script and override the main CSV file (data/research_themes.csv), include the execute argument

(admin1) $ python requiam_csv/script_run --execute


The recommended workflow to commit changes on the main CSV file is as follows:

  1. First, switch to develop branch: git checkout develop

  2. Conduct a dry run execution

  3. Compare the two CSV files: ‘data/research_themes.csv’ and ‘data/dry_run.csv’

  4. If the changes are what you expect, conduct the full execution

  5. Update the version number in README.md, __init__.py, and setup.py

  6. Perform a git add and git commit for ‘data/research_themes.csv’ and the above files to develop

  7. Create a pull request here

  8. Update your local git repository with git pull --all