Getting Started


You will need the following to have a working copy of this software. See installation steps:

  1. Python (>=3.8)

  2. numpy (1.23.0)

  3. pandas (1.4.3)

Installation Instructions

Python and setting up a conda environment

You shall follow the same installation instructions from ReQUIAM

Next, clone this repository into a parent folder:

(admin1) $ cd /path/to/parent/folder
(admin1) $ git clone

With the activated conda environment, you can install with the script:

(admin1) $ cd /path/to/parent/folder/ReQUIAM_csv
(admin1) $ python develop

This will automatically installed the required numpy and pandas packages. The versions shall be the same as these of redata-commons and ReQUIAM.

You can confirm installation via conda list

(admin1) $ conda list requiam_csv

You should see that the version is 0.13.0.

Configuration Settings

Configuration settings are specified through the default.ini file. These settings include the Google Sheet information and CSV file names (do not change as this will break ReQUIAM).

Testing Installation

To test the installation and create a temporary CSV file that does not affect the main CSV file, the following command will run and generate a file called dry_run.csv:

(admin1) $ python requiam_csv/script_run