Constructs a mapping list between research themes (“portals”) and EDS/LDAP organization code to work with our Figshare patron management software (ReQUIAM). This code will generate a CSV file that is used for automation. The code imports a Google Sheet that is maintained by the Data Repository Team. The advantages of using Google Sheets are:

  1. Ease of use (no need to format CSV)

  2. Advanced spreadsheet capabilities with MATCH(), and permitting/prohibiting cells for modification

  3. Documentation capabilities via comments and version history management

  4. Ability to grant access to University of Arizona Libraries staff for coordinated maintenance

With the above Google Sheet that is imported as a CSV file using pandas, it generates a CSV file called data/research_themes.csv. There are two versions of this file:

The workflow describes how version control will be conducted with these two different branches. In general, after a maintainer implements a change to the Google Sheet, s/he will perform an update to the develop branch. Once that has been reviewed, a pull request will be done to merge the changes into the master branch.